Redsticks Release 2023 Schedule

by UFL Staff

BATON ROUGE, LA-- The 2023 schedule for the Baton Rouge Redsticks has officially been released by the United Football League (UFL). The league announced schedules for each of its member franchises for the 2023 season, with an initial kickoff set for Saturday, March 4th. The 2023 season will the Redsticks first season in the relaunched UFL.

The Redsticks will be attempting to make the UFL playoffs battling in the league's western conference. Redsticks conference foes are to include the Houston Bighorns, Arkansas Twisters, Kansas City Kapitals, St. Louis Stampede, Oklahoma City Wranglers, and Chicago Blue Bombers. 

The Redsticks will not participate in any exhibition games before the start of the 2023 campaign. In total, the Redsticks will compete in 18 league games including an early conference battle with the Bighorns in week 2. 

The Redsticks are in the early stages of revamping their team roster in hopes of acquiring solid talent. The team will sign 34 players during the coming months in preparation for the team training camp set for next February. 


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