The "Red Stick" on the River

by UFL Staff

Photo of the city of Baton Rouge courtesy of Visit Baton Rouge

ATLANTA, GA-- The term "Red Sticks" is not new to the residents of Baton Rouge or individuals from southern Louisiana. Over 300 years ago, French explorer Pierre Le Moyne, Sieur d'Iberville named Baton Rouge as the "red stick" along a Mississippi River bluff. 

While many others will debate, it was a name Native Americans have called the region "Istrouma" which means red stick in French. That French-speaking explorers simply adopted the meaning of this indigenous word. The truth is buried within the city's soil, and for a new football league starting in 2023, it was the perfect name for its Baton Rouge-based franchise. 

The city born on the river would grow to become the state's second-largest metropolitan area and capital city. The growth would prompt the United Football League (UFL) to place a team in southern Louisiana and make Baton Rouge home to the Baton Rouge Redsticks. The unique name speaks to the city's residents and identifies their squad. The Redsticks will represent the city born on the river and make its residents proud. 

The Redsticks will be in the UFL's western conference with the Arkansas Twisters, Houston Bighorns, Oklahoma City Wranglers, Kansas City Kapitals, St. Louis Stampede, and Chicago Blue Bombers. Western conference teams will compete for one guaranteed playoff selection and a possible at-large bid. 

The debut kickoff for the Redsticks will be Saturday, March 4, at home versus the Mississippi Mudcats

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